Find Guitars on the Extensive Map of the Island with Sons of the Forest

With Sons of the Forest, the addition of tools, weapons and other elements that can be found while the extensive map of the island has arrived. Some weapons offered by the recently launched The Forest sequel serve as elements that are at the same time silly and useful, which makes the experience more fun in general. One of these elements is the guitar, an instrument that functions as a melee weapon.

If you are wondering where to find the guitar in Sons of the Prestige reading so that you can also touch a crazy riff and kill crazy mutants at the same time.

Rent of guitars sons of the forest

The first thing to do before finding the guitar in Sons of the Forest is to open its GPS map and locate the area below. The guitar will be inside a bunker that requires the use of a maintenance card to access. If you have already obtained this article, you can proceed to the cave. Image source: through end night The entrance of the cave must be right at the top of the curve of a river, and you will have to enter with the lighter or flashlight ready to illuminate your path in the dark. Once inside, follow these steps to get the guitar: Walk to the end of the cave and then until the end of the hall through which you enter. Once you have reached the door at the end of the hall, go to the left and advance through the tunnel. Go to the right at the end of the tunnel and continue until you reach the door required by your maintenance card. Use the card and enter a large living room where you must continue to the left from the music area. Go through the gym and go to the right until you find a glass door to pass. Go up the stairs on the left near the dining room tables. Enter the bar after passing through the swimming area and will see the guitar sitting on the table as shown in the image below. Once you have seen the guitar, all you need to do is walk towards it and press E on your keyboard to place it in your inventory. From there you can click on it to equip and use it as a weapon. Your character will reproduce a sweet Riff the first time you equip it and emit sounds every time you attack a mutant with it. Image source: through end night Now that you know where to find the guitar in Sons of the Forest you can pick it up for yourself and become a musical mutant mutilator.


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