Welcome to Decapolice: Level-5's Brand New Surprise License!

It is Level-5 if there is a studio that developed the surprise by appearing three times during the Nintendo Direct.


Bogged in the difficulties in Japan, between a Yo-Kai Watch who no longer interests numerous individuals, a Megaton Hisashi currently forgotten and an Trauma Eleven who is having a hard time to get out of an endless production cycle, Akihito Hind's studio tries To get up by depending on the exposure provided by Nintendo. And if the feedback from Professor Layton and Dream Life franchises will undoubtedly only interest the currently dominated fans, the brand-new Decapolice license crystallizes the hope of a renewal. Announced on Change however likewise PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for a world release in 2023, Decapolice is no exception to Level-5 habits in the sense that the universe and the characters currently appear compatible with a possible transmedia strategy,, if necessary to offer birth to an animation series. . For the time being, this title is announced as an RPG in the world open on the themes of the criminal investigation and virtual reality.

Cops Academy

The story follows the arrogant and young Harvard, a beginner detective but already filled with insurance coverage, who signs up with a police system whose training program permits him to alternate in between the real and virtual world to carry out surveys. Called Declaim, this virtual world is the best copy of the truth where the memories of each criminal offense devoted sleep. Therefore, the hints collected in the Declaim and the Trip by Tower fights which happen there will allow the guilty in the real world to be puzzled. Trailer



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