Unlocking the Secrets of Powerwash Simulator: A Guide To All Tomb Raider Levels

Power wash Simulator was a cult hit when it was released. This gave a lot of catharsis and simple, but fascinating gameplay. Although all this was good, the developer Future decided that this was not enough. With the help of the publisher, Square Enix Power wash Simulator received a crossover with Tomb Raider. This unexpected DLC is also nothing to sneeze. This is what is included in this free extension.

What is the Power wash simulator tomb raider in addition to the Power wash simulator tomb raider?

estate croft manor throws the player right in front of the mansion of our heroine.


Only the front of the estate and a large fountain need to be cleaned, but to clean everything, construction forests will be required. The end will reward $400.

Obstacles Street and ATV Lara Croft

The famous obstacle course and ATV from Tomb Raider III are returning. The player will be as difficult as Lara, climb onto each surface and blow out all the dirt. The end will reward $300.

jeep and motorboat Lara Croft

This level is slightly smaller in scale, but no less complicated with all nooks that need to be examined to make sure that they are not contaminated. Do not step on the Venetian glass while cleaning the boat! Award for completing $75.

Labyrinth estate CROFT

The maze sounds more frightening than it really is. Players will be entrusted with several arbors, statues and hidden central part. Despite the large size, there are quite few items that require cleaning on this map.

Award for completing $112.50.

Treasury Croft estate

The greatest secret of Lara in the halls of the Croft estate is her treasury. Even the poor old Winston was not in this room. This card is as complex as any other, due to how tightly it is filled with treasures. Cleaning of each inch rewards $300. To learn more about Power wash Simulator, read the section How to change into Power wash Simulator in Pro GAME GUIDES.


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