Sony Responds To Reports Of PS5 VR2 Set Flop Before Release

In a couple of weeks, the new PSVR2 set is to appear a genuine hope for the PS5. Sony has now reacted to a report, according to which the new hardware has actually up until now lagged the expectations.


Update from February 2, 2023: Sony has discussed the Bloomberg report and asserted it to the site GameSkeindry site that the production of the PSVR2 continues to run as prepared. The number of copies produced was not reduced. However, the company did not clearly deny that the sales expectations were screwed back. Rather, Sony just recorded that they had actually signed up interest on the part of the fans-a vague statement that in no method refutes that the variety of pre-orders has so far not been as large as hoped. (Source: Games Market). Initial message from January 31, 2023:. Because the start of December 2022, fans have been able to pre-order the PSVR2 embedded in the PlayStation store without having to wait for an invitation. So far, nevertheless, the rush to the brand-new PS5 hardware has apparently been behind the company's expectations. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony recently had to halve the sales expectations for the very first quarter. PSVR2 is scheduled to come onto the market on February 22, 2023.

PSVR2 pre-order disappoint Sony.

According to Bloomberg, Insider reports that Sony initially targeted 2 million copies cost the first quarter of the PSVR2 set. However, less than a month before the release, the company remedied this objective by half. Instead, 1.5 million copies of the PS5 hardware will probably be given the people in the period April 2023 to May 2024. (Source: Bloomberg). Have a look at the VR trailer for Horizon: Call of the Mountain:. Horizon: Call of the Wild |.

Trailer for the VR experience from the State of Play. PSVR2 will be available in two versions from February 22nd. The standard plan including the headset with stereo headphones and the PSVR controllers for 599.99 euros and in a package with Horizon: Call of the Mountain for 649.99 euros. See the PSVR2 in the PlayStation shop!

brand-new PS5 hardware: High cost could be a problem.

With the PSVR2 set, Sony has established a requiring hardware that gives many fans expect the breakthrough of VR technology-but considering that the official announcement, the cost has been a red cloth for lots of in the neighborhood, after all, the VR devices cost more. Then a PS5 itself. In view of the existing inflation, it is certainly not surprising that gamers choose to act carefully when combining a high cost with innovation that has actually not yet been made. Whether the PSVR2 will reach its further sales goals might also depend on whether Sony will be versatile in the future in the future. Speaking of the future: The PS5 might restore a popular experience franchise:. Checking out suggestion. PS5-comeback: New video makes fans of cult series hope. Gregor Helmholtz. Don't you wish to miss out on news about technology, games and pop culture? No existing tests and guides? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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