Lost Ark: Hotfix for Issues with Funkel-Radio Interchangeably | Amazon Games

Amazon Games those accountable have released a post in the official forum from Lost Ark to offer info about a problem of the Funnel radio display. Apparently the items gotten in the occasion store are tied to the squad and not to the character. The developers are presently working on a hotfix to resolve the problem.

Hotfix for a sparkle radio shot in the works

Given that yesterday, a number of products have actually been available in the Funkel-Runkel-Shop (event gold shop). These items should actually be characterized, but were incorrectly bound to the team when buying. If the things have not been used by players they have already purchased. The following chests consist of the topics worried: Random chest: fragment of honor Random chest: Volume Stone Random chest: reinforcement products (assistance). We will release a hotfix to switch the chests in the shop to character binding as intended.


We will reveal more details about when that will be. Chests that lie in the team camp at the time of this upgrade can be moved from the squad to any character of your choice, consisting of future characters. As quickly as a chest has been vacated the team, it is bound to this character. Chests that remain in the inventory of a character after the update are tied to this character. In addition, all inscribing chests that you purchased in the Funkel-radio shield are updated with artist inscriptions when the class is launched in March.

Although the store is closed before the March update (date is still announced), the products can be bought beforehand and conserved for the upcoming release of the class. We thank you for your perseverance and apologize for the confusion that could have triggered this change. To home page. Karsten Scholz.


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