Leandro Barreiro's Reconciliation with Referee Jablonski After VAR Intervention in Bundesliga Matchday 20

The referee comprehends that. He then described to me what the rule analysis offers. I also comprehend that. Neither the referee nor I have any influence on that.

Leandro Barbara still does not discover the charge enforced in the duel with FC Augsburg (3-1) against him. The ball came by me, I jumped and turned it, the Mainz midfielder explains the circumstance in the 26th minute. I also looked at it again on the TV: When leaping, the arms are not glued to the body-and he (Herein Demonic, editor's note) heads my arm.

The Augsburg put pressure on.

Leandro Barbara In addition, from a short range. The pipeline of referee Sven Babinski initially remained silent. I thought there was no penalty, Barbara looks back, however the Augsburg put pressure on them, he then looked at the scene outdoors and yet offered a penalty. Far, so unsatisfactory for the professional from Luxembourg.


an evaluation with a model character

However, as Barbara and Babinski collaborate later on, it can confidently be referred to as exemplary. I talked to the referee once again during the half-time break, this exchange was very positive, reports the Mainz professional. After the last whistle, the specialist dispute was even continued. Once again extremely considerate, states Barbara, he described to me his perspective, I described my own.

Especially because Babinski accepted the thinking that I can't do much differently in this scenario, states Barbara. The referee understands that. Neither the referee nor I have any impact on that.

Barracks conclusion of the discussion with Babinski: We both comprehended each other. If this could be held regularly in the interaction between referees, professionals and club agents, a lot would have been won.


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