Jeffrey Pierce's Shocking New Role In The Last Of Us: Part 4

As in every episode, Episode 4 of the HBO series by The Last of the United States appear brand-new characters who accompany Joel and Ellie's journey. Among the brand-new characters could be familiar with you, since he has actually currently embodied a figure in The Last of the United States and The Last of Us Part 2. But his brand-new role is not the original from the computer game. Care, spoiler! The following post handle 2 characters from Episode 4.

two characters specifically produced for the Thou series

Who is the person you are discussing? The Rebel Perry appears in the 4th episode, who lives along with Kathleen Coffin's side in a transformation group in Kansas City. He is embodied by the star Jeffrey Pierce, who already had an appearance in the computer game series. The character Perry was produced specifically for the series, which is why his fate is unclear in The Last of US series. Pierce does not play his old role from the computer game with Perry, but was used specifically for the recently developed figure. Who initially embodied Pierce? In The Last of the United States and The Last of United States Part 2, Pierce played Joel's younger brother Tommy Miller. The star not just lent Tommy his voice, but also his appearance through motion capturing. By The Way, Tommy Miller is played in the series by Gabriel Luna. The German synchronization takes over Nico Malone. We have noted all other stars and synchronization votes in our summary. The ideal teaser trailer for Episode 4 can be discovered here:

The Last of United States series: When does Episode 5 come?

The fifth episode of The Last of United States series is more than usual this time. It appears parallel to the US broadcast on Saturday, February 11, 2023. Originally, the episode needs to just be transmitted on Monday, February 13, 2023. From around 4:00 a.m., the episode will then be available on call at Sky and WoW. All other broadcast dates can be discovered on Gamer.

We can recommend our summary article for the transmitter and streaming service if you shouldn't understand where you can watch the series. Because The Last of the United States can only be viewed through the paid WoW or Sky Atlantic HD.


Would you have seen Pierce again as Tommy or in the existing function as Perry?


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