Droyan Adds New Class Dualist - 15 Years in the Making!

Game announced that its SF MMORPG Roman, which is being serviced, will be updated on the 9th to add new class duelists.

Dualism is a global soldier in the mercenaries, and has a huge muscle body and has high motor skills. Using a weapon called Combat Ring, which returns to yourself, you can stand out in a mid-to long-range attack and grow to level 130.

Game launched a preliminary update on January 19 to collect users' opinions on the official update of the new class Dualism, which is added 15 years after the engineer class. In order to reflect the opinions of the users gathered here, the dualism's development of the duelist was faster and more easily designed to balance the existing class.


In order to make item farming or skill acquisition more easily, the XP levels that can be obtained when hunting for monsters will be increased, and the beginner area Lorgnette Siege is changed to duelist to provide various benefits for growth.

Game plans to expand the level to grow from level 131 to 185 through the second update in April and introduce dualism quests and achievements and high-level skills.

In addition, by the 23rd, it will be a hot time event that increases the experience of acquiring experience and the probability of acquiring items from 12:00 to 14:00, 19:00 to 22 o'clock, and ▲ Monster Hunting An event to provide a growth support package for return users.

Details of updates and games can be found on the official website.


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