2023: Revisit Old Acquaintances in The Walking Dead Spinoffs - 3 New Series Announced!

This company eventually kidnapped Rick and also plays an important function in Fear the Strolling Dead and The Strolling Dead: World Beyond. With the spinoff with Rick and Machine, it ought to be that the audience will see staff members of the CRM once again and possibly Daryl will likewise fulfill people from this organization. Since the CRM should also have an interest in the info he finds in France. Beyond the three existing projects, nearly nothing is known about the other prepare for The Strolling Dead. This must likewise be because of the truth that except Fear the Walking Dead, all previous spinoffs have actually received more blended reactions. The producers will probably wait and see how the brand-new series will come to the spectators before the future of the serial universe is prepared. To the homepage to the gallery

It is 2023 and something missing-for the first time in twelve years there is no announcement for a brand-new season of The Walking Dead. The history of the serial universe is far from over. Several series are currently planned to show how part of the primary characters will continue with completion of The Strolling Dead. On the one hand, it will be about the difficult cooperation in between Maggie and Began along with a journey that will take Daryl Dixon. Rick and Machine ought to likewise get their own series.

Dead City: Maggie and Began in New York

The Strolling Dead: Dead City is arranged to appear in June. The focus is on Began and Maggie. Source: AMC/DISNEY The spin-off task, which is currently the most to be discovered, is The Strolling Dead: Dead City. The series is set up to start in June 2023. The focus is on Began and Maggie. The audience has already learned that the 2 of them are not too excellent together in The Strolling Dead. For Maggie, the memories are too alive due to the fact that Began eliminated her hubby Glenn. Towards the end of the series, the two approached a bit. Not much is known about the plot of the series. Maggie and Began ought to go to New York. More precisely: after Manhattan. The previous district of New York city has actually grown into its own neighborhood, in which the dead romp on the ground and the living by cable vehicles build up a presence on the greater flooring. The series must play a few years after completion of The Walking Dead. Maggie and Began have families and, according to Began star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Began is said to have started to fall back into his old role pattern. How the two conferences are not yet clear. A season with 6 episodes is prepared. You can get more details about Dead City in our special for the series.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Colonnades, Spinoff with Rick and Machine

Daryl Dixon is of course even more popular than Began and Maggie. As could be seen in the final series of The Strolling Dead, he also starts his own adventure. It ought to probably appear in 2023 or 2024, the shooting will happen in Europe. That was likewise the reason Carol starlet Melissa McBride got out of the series. As Walking-Dead-Content boss Scott M. Simple exposes, it is in the course of the series to France, where the zombie virus is probably broken out first. There he must likewise go to a new zombie variation in his series. Source: Satisfying AMC/ DISNEY, which will probably behave similarly to the super zombies that were seen at the end of season 11 by The Strolling Dead. The strategy seems to be turned down that Daryl should meet Rick and Machine in his series. Daryl wishes to browse for these two at least at the end of the 11th season of The Walking Dead. The 3rd project, which is currently prepared in the serial universe of The Walking Dead, is planning around Rick Grimes and Machine. There have been reports since 2018 that a film or a small series with Rick Grimes must come out, it will finally be ready for the next year. We keep in mind: Machine has actually been trying to find Rick given that her last episode in The Strolling Dead. He was conserved by Janis after his supposed death and significant as B, i.e. as an individual who can still be beneficial. In the last of The Strolling Dead it is exposed that Machine and Rick are still alive and are still trying to come back to Rick's daughter Judith, which will probably form the basis of her spinoff.

connections to the rest of the walking-dead universe

The Walking Dead: Where are Rick and Machine? This concern ought to be addressed in 2024. Source: AMC needs to now be none of the three projects by themselves, but ought to be part of a joint walking-dead universe. This can currently be seen from the fact that both Daryl's series and the spinoff with Rick and Machine refer to details that have only recognized viewers that The Strolling Dead: World Beyond have seen. However, of course absolutely nothing speaks against presenting them quickly once again in the particular series.


Up until now, the connections in between the specific strolling down series have actually been restricted anyhow. Characters enjoyed being exchanged or Easter Eggs, but nothing more. Just since the intro of the Civic Republic Military (CRM) has a bigger thread run through deep space of The Walking Dead.


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