Young players are at risk - after the World Cup debacle, there is again a discussion about young talent training in German football.

The German football team's recent World Cup failure has sparked a renewed debate about the state of young talent training in the country. The long-time U21 coach Stefan Kurtz has identified a basic problem, and this article explores what can be done to ensure that young players are given the best opportunity to reach their potential. Read on to learn more about the risks of relying solely on star players and why Germany needs to invest in its youth infrastructure.

The enduring U21 national coach Stefan Kurtz sees the debate about reforms in young talent training according to the German World Cup debacle as an issue. There have actually currently been different techniques in German football, however they were not always supported by everybody. A bit is likewise those who have actually not supported it, stated Kurtz, who throughout his time with the German U21 in between 2016 and 2021 won 2 EM titles. After the preliminary round of the nationwide group at the World Cup in Qatar, the focus is likewise on talent training in Germany. The basic question is how much you can influence the youth work. We have self-governing nationwide associations and associations in which everyone pursues their own philosophy, stated Kurtz.

The federal system in Germany also has benefits, however we have to find a service that fits our system, stated Turkey's current national coach.

reforms have actually not yet grasped

After the initial round out of the 2018 World Cup, the German Football Association had started reforms in talent funding in German football with the Job Future.


With a few of its ideas, nevertheless, the umbrella company had discovered resistance and criticism from state associations, young talent centers and clubs.


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