Lol: The Kings extend its reign in the 2022 Edition of the Kingdom

The battle for the search to be the best in the northern region was stagnant during the off season, but the kingdom's clash was the event that gave the opportunity for the teams to prepare very interesting during the battle, with large squads showing during the contest that can leave the king of the north with a new name through this competition. For several weeks the teams put their best strategies to get to this point, The Kings demonstrated their supremacy during the competition to find its place in the final, on the other hand the Braves Rising team obtained an overwhelming victory the Carissa squad to arrive To these instances where we have an epic battle for the final.


The first map began very interesting with a team of the kings that took a Virus in the hands of Limitations that chose to have a great handling of the champion accompanied by a surprise of Ashe in the hands of Paula to get a good combo with which they get Make a very interesting battle in the lower part to take the advantage that gave him the victory in the first battle. With the score in favor of the Kings the second stage became very interesting with a selection of HRI in the hands of Icy tower that managed Being able to climb, repeating the Ashe as support the situation was very favorable for them and managed to obtain the second map in their favor.

For the third scenario the Braves needed to have all the tools on their side to see Of course, it is one of the future promises for the LA, with a dream and a team of the kings that end up closing the series in their favor. After three very intense maps, things were very good for The Kings team that manages to become the best team in the North region, causing its name to resonate to Colombia with this victory and that they are prepared to be able to fight before The best teams and players throughout the region with a very good courage.


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