Lara Croft's Next Adventure: Amazon Is The New Publisher


John Riccitiello, the CEO of the video game company Electronic Arts recently told investors that I would be surprised if you don't see a major publisher doing something on Amazon's platform.

In addition, it is stated that Tomb Raider will remain a narrative single gamer experience, in which the timeless game components of the series are also retained. As a player, you take control of Lara Croft once again in an environment that requires exploration and innovative finding away, with challenging puzzles that require to be resolved, and a range of opponents that require to be beat.

Burial place Raider continues. This is probably not the best surprise, however the developer and publisher currently: Amazon is devoted to Lara Croft's next adventure.

The business confirmed this in a press release. It mentions that Amazon works together with Crystal Dynamics on a brand-new Burial place Raider game This includes both advancement and international sales.

There is currently no much info about the planned brand-new Burial place Raider.

Amazon provides a few first information in the press release, but they still scratch the surface really much. On the one hand, the next Tomb Raider is developed based upon the Unreal Engine 5 and on the other hand it needs to be the biggest and most comprehensive video game in the series so far.

Tomb Raider: First information for the new video game.

You can not and do not desire to expose any more details at the present time. The factor for this is quite simple: the development is still at the very start, which is why there is currently no name for the next video game.

Amazon Games rather of Embrace

Fans have actually therefore assumed that the next Burial place Raider will also be created under the management of the brand-new publisher. Apparently this is not the case. The development is likewise new to Amazon, due to the fact that up until now the publishing arm of the shipping giant with New World and Lost Ark has actually focused, especially on big multiplayer video games.

The statement that Amazon Games takes over the publishing and even takes part in the advancement is quite unexpected. The Embrace Group only purchased Crystal Dynamics, Lidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Tradition of Main for 285 million euros in May 2022.


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