How To Make A Pine Bump

A pine bump is cookie run: a tiny, but mighty keeper of the kingdom of the kingdom. Despite the fact that this is an Epic Cookie type Bomber, they are a DPS tank unit, which can do a lot for your team, from protecting the front line to distribution of DPS and supporting allies with healing and enemy rebuffs.

Best Assembly of Participation of Pine cones to CRK

The cookie-horseman cone dominates the front line, which means that survival is important for their gameplay. We recommend using a full solid almond set to increase the resistance to damage, especially if you plan to take these cookies in the arena. However, if you plan to use pine cones only for standard stages in the study of the world, you can use a mixture of both solid almonds and burning raspberries.

In any case, give preference to the DMG and ATC resistance for bonus statistics.

Best Treasures for cookies with cones in CRK

Since the pine cookie will not be your main unit DPS, they do not need special treasures to increase their performance. You can take with you a standard scroll of an old pilgrim and a soft jelly clock to increase attack and reduce recovery time as a common combination without problems.

Information about the skill of pine bump cookies in cookie run: Kingdom

A pine bomb: a pine cooks stands on a tree golem and at the same time heals himself and two allies with the highest ATC. While the cookie pine bump is riding on a wood golem, their max. HP increases. Then the cookie pine cones throws bombs of a pine cone into the enemy cookie with the highest ATK, stunning it. Bombs from pine cones cause damage to the nearest enemies.


If in the radius of the area of the region there are goals suffering from the cold, they will also become stunned. If the goal is immune to stunning, it will receive additional damage. Skills specifications: Cool: 12 seconds Bomb explosion damage: 73.5 percent (+1 percent per level) and stunning for 1.5 seconds. Damage in the bomb area: 122.5 percent (+1.67 percent per level) Bomb Area DMG ignores DMG Resist: 25 percent Bomb Explosion to stun the targets using Frost: 0.3 seconds Additional damage to the goals that are immune to stunning: 225 percent Wood with a golem: heals himself 50 percent of the attack once, increases Max. HP for 200 percent while driving Check out our guidance on what Radiant Shards is in Cookie Run Kingdom? Use and how to get the guidelines for professional games here to simplify the collection of cookie files.


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