Fortnite: How To Get A Mrbeast Skin

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players will see various collaborations, including Hulk, MrBeast and My Hero Academia. In this anime collaboration, four skins and several related cosmetics will be presented. Izuku Midrib, better known as deck, is available in the game, and players need to know how to get this skin. Here's how to get a skin deck in Fortnite.

How many Breaks do you need to buy a shine deck in Fortnite?

The Izuku midi costume can be purchased in a store of objects, it is available both in the kit and in the form of a separate set of skins. Class 1-a includes outfits for Octavo Ararat, Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midrib, and its cost is about 2800 Breaks. The Izuku outfit of Midrib can be purchased separately for 1600 Breaks. When buying equipment separately, players will also receive an ALL Might Collectible back decoration and Izuku Quirk emotion.


This is not all, now the players will find in the game the new mythical weapon Debut Smash. This mythical item can be purchased in various vending machines, as well as obtain from the supply items of the Might Supply Drops. Players can also perform several My Hero Academia quests, which will open weekly. Quests of the first week consist of four tests, for the implementation of each of which players receive 20,000 XP. Skin Deck has an epic rarity and has a built-in emotion, which makes it one of the best anime-sketches in Fortnite. Players can also purchase a set of tools for harvesting separately or included class 1-A.

To get these new anime-cosmetic items, just go to the items, click on the appropriate items and spend Breaks to purchase them. Want to know how to take POI control in chapter 4? Find out how to capture the Fortnite point in the game manuals for professionals.


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