DFB President Bernd Neuendorf Grants His Own Mistakes in the Debate about the One Love Captain Band

The German football association (DFB) is in the middle of a debate after the release of the World Cup in Qatar. The discussion is about whether to wear a bandage with the motto one love on it for the match against Sweden. DFB President Bernd Bettendorf granted his own mistakes in the case, but also indicates that he will not change his mind and allow players to wear this bandage.

It is a subject that personally dealt with me personally, stated Bettendorf on Tuesday in Frankfurt. Together with other European Association President, he had actually chosen after FIFA sanctions threatened that the One Love captain's armband was not worn at the World Cup in Qatar-and had actually been criticized hard for this. The situation was the case that it could not be dismissed that the team was sanctioned, stated Bettendorf. It was about more than yellow cards. We had to choose quickly and after all we would have chosen with all the criticism, said the DFB President.

Nonetheless, he also confessed his own failures. With a few days away, I would say that I had actually acted differently today, confessed Bettendorf. As President of the Europeans, we should have browsed the direct connection to Gianni Infantino, should have visited him and needed to ask: How is the mindset of the FIFA? Instead, according to a written demand, the was then postponed that the topic was brought into the tournament. Style

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the argument about the one-love captain bond

on the subject On September 21, 2022, the DFB provided the one-Love plaster for the video games in the Nations League and at the World Cup. Instantly before the World Cup video game in between England and Iran, FIFA threatened sporting consequences. 7 European associations then revealed that it would forego using the plaster. #### Never describes Germany's protest project biceps criticism at the FIFA bond #### according to the gesture towards FIFA: No procedure against German team This is my learning result, my understanding gain, Bettendorf continued. If you place yourself and get no responses, you need to adjust your behavior. Then you need to prompt you to get a declaration at the highest level. We didn't get it. There were just a couple of hours before the opening game of the English team for the threat of sanctions, which finally moved all other associations for buckling. We succeed to clarify such things beforehand with the FIFA, said Bettendorf. He wanted to improve interaction when I pertain to the FIFA Council in March.


In April, he was proposed by the DFB for a location in the FIFA Council. Then, stated Bettendorf, I could clarify such things straight with Infantile.


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