With what devil does Kobeni contract have in Chainsaw Man? Explanation of the theory (spoilers)

Kobe is definitely the stranger among the members of the Public Security division 4 in the anime and manga Chainsaw Man. An introverted that only joined public security because her parents forced her for financial reasons, has no desire to fight, and It does not seem able to defeat anything as deadly as demons. Or at least, that is the impression she probably had before seeing her in action. So you probably stayed thinking: What devil does Kobe contract have in Chainsaw Man?

Well, after investigating a little, we have information that should help you. However, be careful: there are some spoilers of the main story later.

What devil does Kobe use in Chainsaw Man? Explanation of the theory

While it has not yet been revealed with which devil Kobe has in Chainsaw Man, a theory has more weight: Kobe has a contract with a devil that has something to do with luck.

Most of the proof of this theory comes from the fact that Kobe is the only other member of Special Division 4, in addition to Benji, which is alive at the end of the series. Despite facing numerous threats and facing enemies that could easily mutilate Benji, Aka and the rest, escaped unharmed almost every time and could even defeat some of them through ridiculously fortunate occurrences.


However, at the same time, there are scattered clues throughout the series that could indicate that this theory is valid. Kobe mentions that it is one of nine brothers, which could be a reference to how number nine is considered lucky in Chinese. Also, her constant misfortune could easily be destined to show what she renounces in exchange for having great luck when in imminent danger.

As for what would be the real name of the devil, we still do not know with certainty. Many of those who believe in the previous theory also believe that their devil would be the black cat or some other symbol of bad luck. This would make sense, since the devil would have to be a symbol or manifestation of the fate that people fear to strengthen.

With the series still in progress, there is hope that one day the Devil of Kobe will be revealed. For now, however, it is still a mystery, and the previous theory is the best response of the people.

I hope this has helped you to start reconstructing with which Devil Kobe has a contract in Chainsaw Man. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides that cover issues such as what is the Golden Ball, whether Benji fights or not against Gun Devil and why Eternity Devil wanted to eat Benji.

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