Vocal songs are also impressive! The charm of Rhythm Heaven, which was enthusiastic even with sound games, in recent years, has followers one after another? [Special]

Although it is abrupt, I am not good at genres called sound games and rhythm games. I am not good at learning the flow of notes, and if it is a work with a lot of buttons, my head will be confused, and I will not catch up at all. Even the drum master that can be played relatively simply is the limit of the difficulty level. However, only the Rhythm Heaven series was enjoyed from the beginning to the end.

The Rhythm heaven series is a music game series that Nintendo has been deployed in 2006. So far, four works have been released, mainly mobile game consoles. There are many strong fans, but in this article, this work approaches the unique charm of this work that can be enjoyed by gamers who are not good at sound games.

Just press the ## A button and touch it! Easy operation to rhythm

The Rhythm Heaven series has been released mainly in the Rhythm Heaven Gold Wii Rhythm Heaven 3DS of Rhythm Heaven 3DS of GBA's Rhythm Heaven DS. I also have a thought in the GBA-based arcade version that supports simultaneous play. I liked the Shikoku ghost that pressed the button on the 8th beat and shoots out the ghost.

The feature of this work is that you can easily enjoy a rhythm game with a simple operation. In the GBA version, there are some games with a lot of operation buttons, but in the DS Gold, it was a simple operation form of holding the main unit sideways and touching or playing the right screen, and in Manna no. Many Wii games use the movement of swinging the remote control, but it is a good impression that everyone protected the simplicity.

However, the game itself is not easy just because the operation is easy. There are plenty of mechanisms that invite mistakes to set up feints and confuse visually, so the tension is not always interrupted. When you get over it, it's very pleasant to be combined with the rhythm.

However, it is true that there are quite difficult games. In such a case, if you ask the Kiss store master, it will be cleared in with the mediator evaluation. Basically, there are one rhythm game that will be opened, so I was happy for the writer who had no sense of rhythm.


The remix stage is opened every time you clear five rhythm games. It is a so-called boss STA stage-like configuration, and it is a total review edition that messes up the rhythm games that have been challenged so far. Rhythm games that have been remixed coolly according to the new song get hot.

It also features a vocal song that will be addictive from the first work. The GBA The ☆ Condor This is Made in Japan and the DS Idol Woman!

At the end of the rhythm game, you will always be evaluated as high level, mediocre, and reunion. If it is more than mediocre, it will proceed to the next stage, so even the author who has no rhythm feeling can enjoy it. In addition, the evaluation is not just the number of success/mistakes, but also the point that it was possible to respond in an irregular scene. Even if the number of successes is high, if the tempo cannot be caught, it will be evaluated as mediocre.

It is also attractive that there are abundant elements. If you take the high level, you will get a medal and release a mini-game that can be collected, such as rhythm toys and endless games, will be opened. In addition, if you succeed in the perfect challenge that appears occasionally and can challenge up to three times, you can get sentences and items related to the rhythm game. It is a deep work that is worthwhile, although it has a lot of volume just to clear it.

The compactness and the cuteness of the characters are also noteworthy. The GBA's rhythm hair removal, which has a beard of vegetables according to the Arabian song, has a dark face on vegetables for some reason and has a considerable impact.

After Wii Everyone's, the character is drawn very cute because the character has become an illustration from a dot picture on a stationary machine. W date has a cute face for both boys and girls. In the famous places, female characters of Book Girls and Die Ski RAP are also cute.

By the way, the Rhythm Heaven series has many charms unique to the series, but unfortunately, at the time of this article, the 3DS Rhythm Heavens The Best+ released in 2015 was released for more than 7 years. It is not d1. Mr. Sunk, who is in charge of the songs and producers of this work, has repeatedly stated that he wants to make a new work on his Twitter, and if a new work for Nintendo Switch is released, the idea of release. I'm looking for it, and I'm quite motivated.

The tweet for ideas is 32,000, and you can see that it is a very hot title even now without a series of retweets and 17,000 retweets. There are quite a lot of people who want a new work, so I want you to release it for Nintendo Switch.

There is no new work... Meanwhile, Mizzen followers appear one after another

However, recently, works that follow the Rhythm Heaven series have been announced one after another. One of the hot topics on Twitter was the Yumiko Gurashi-Everyone's Rhythm Party released by Nippon Columbia.

It is a rhythm game based on the cute character Sumerian Qureshi, which is the corner calms down. As a game play, you can play with Joy-Con according to the rhythm, and it seems that four players can play at the same time.

Taking ~ released by MAGES. Is the most tasted work closest to Rhythm Heaven. The impact, such as a surreal situation that seems to blow out unintentionally, and the fact that you is written on the head of the player character.

Melatonin developed by indie developers is characterized by a fairy tale, pale pink art, which is different from Rhythm Heaven and Taking ~. It is also attractive to be able to play a stage with a young youth-like theme, such as SNS, crane games, and VR games.

Although it is not completely a follower, it seems that there is a part similar to Rift of the Necromancer, a spin-off of the rhythroglite ACT Crypt of the Necromancer. It is also a promise in Rhythm Heaven who will fail and glare.

Rhythm Doctor, which is being accessed early in Steam, is also affected by Rhythm Heaven. This work treats patients by engraving certain rhythms while enduring various obstructions. It is a work full of humorous gimmicks, and it is one of the most recommended works because it has recently supported Japanese.

In this way, there are many works that have recently been released or announced that have the influence of Rhythm Heaven. Each work has its own charm, but it is honest that we want the original new work to be released.

I'm very happy if a new Rhythm Heaven has been released in Nintendo Switch (or Nintendo's next generation hardware), and more casual and unique rhythm games appear.


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