Let's lead the alien family to the promised stars! Space Survival Simure Lilith Odyssey official release

Chaster Unlimited has released the space flight x survival simulation Lilith Odyssey on Steam.

This work is a survival game inspired by No Man's Sky, where an alien family, which started Early access in 2021, simulates the immigration flight to Hope and Promise Star. Players choose an alien family from many options and help them from the after-war planet to the new world.


In the game, status such as charisma and command are prepared in the game, so if the selected family is wealthy or young, the voyage will be easier, but if you choose a family with a disadvantageous configuration, it is a high score. It is said that it is obtained. As a world that you can drop in during the voyage, there are more than 1,000 planets, moons, and asteroids that can obtain food and fuel, and while listening to the radio in the work, you can also arm spaceships to protect your family. You can enjoy the flight.

The official version of Lilith Odyssey is on sale for PCs. It is on sale 30 % off until November 13th.


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