[Landscape] Maple Story World, 'MCI22', 'MCI22'

Nixon held 'MCI22', the first offline event of 'Maple Story World', at the Won Convention Center from 26 to 27. Maple Story World is a meta bus based on the vast asset of Maple Story, which has been live for nearly 20 years, and is characterized by 2D, unlike other met abuses based on 3D low polygons. Nevertheless, Nixon's enormous asset support, as well as a test and contest for various creators and users before the service, showed creative possibilities in advance.


In this showcase, you can enjoy the world created by various creators, including the world implemented as a sample in Maple Story World. In addition, even users who cannot come to the scene can collect hidden balloons in the world 'MCI22', which is embodied in the Maple Story World, or proceed with photo mission, and get a sense of realism and a variety of rewards.

In addition, developers' vision announcements and world development know-how, as well as a two-day hackathon with Maple Story World, showcases the possibilities of Maple Story World as well as Maple Story World, one axis of Maple Story IP, as well as Maple Story World. It is also an event. Check out the pictures of the scene where the festival begins.

▲ For more information, you can find it on the official YouTube channel of Maple Story World.


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