Does Uta die in One Piece Film Red? Responded (spoilers)

One Piece Film Red is a bit darker than I might think depending on its promotional art. Among its villain that kills an entire island of people and the evil plot that represents that it revolves around being trapped in the dream of a Huerta diva, there are more than a few elements that make it beyond being one of the most films Dark One Piece never made. As such, he would not be blamed for asking: Does UTA die in One Piece Film Red? Or leave alive thanks to Luffy and Shanks's help?

Well, for better or worse, we have the answer you are looking for. However, be careful: there are large spoilers ahead.

Did UTA die at the end of One Piece Film Red? Answered

LUFFY While it is not explicitly indicated or shows, we can say quite certainty that UTA dies at the end of One Piece Film Red.

This is mainly due to the fact that she consumed the fungus that was destined to kill her, so she could die without falling asleep. She did this to promulgate her New Genesis plan, in which all those trapped by her UTA powers could not wake up until she fainted or disabled her control over them voluntarily. When they died, they would have been trapped in their world of dreams forever and would not have experienced any suffering even if they died.

Although he saw the error of his roads and Shanks tried to make him sleep, UTA chose to remain aware of enough to free everyone who had caught in his world of dreams during his concert. Then, Shanks took her with him and her crew to escape the navy, and although she does not die in this time, the expressions of Shanks and Luffy hint a shared understanding that Shanks will take UTA with him, so she can die in peace.

Can you be returned to life?

It is a gloomy destination for the central character of the film, but it is also hoped to give the history of the villains of the movie One Piece. Many of them have been killed or died by other media due to the conclusions of their films, and never see them again due to the nature of films.

Since One Piece Film Red is not an official canon in the story of One Piece, there was not the best opportunity for UTA to come alive. Similarly, the chances of bringing her back or reveals that she is alive are equally scarce or null.

Hopefully this is clarified if UTA dies or not in One Piece Film Red . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other guides related to the series and the One Piece movies, including some about whether UTA and Shanks are related or not, when One Piece's anime becomes good and when the One Piece anime began.

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