Crystal Dynamics: The noclip documentation concerning the studio is virtually ended up

The job of the Crystal Dynamics programmer workshop is videotaped by the YouTube channel no clip. No clip produces video clip game documentaries, the funding happens using crowdfunding.

4 pictures ought to reveal what it is all concerning: a photo of the timeless Legacy of Main: Heart Reader for the original PlayStation, a photo of the 3do console, the photo of the team and the legs of a statue of Lara Croft come with the tweet with the News.

Picture by means of Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Characteristics with the Get series was well understood. The studio is also liable for the Tomb Raider Franchise Business.

The Thanksgiving Week was chosen for the magazine. Thanksgiving is gone along with by a legal vacation in the U.S.A., which should make it simpler to make the effort for the video.

Thirty years of designer background were covered with the documentation. Throughout this period, greater than one era in pc gaming has actually passed and also dozens of video games were published by Crystal Characteristics. Because of this wealth of product, a proud regard to concerning 2 hours collaborated.


There is a brief trailer for documentation here:


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