Who is Ari in the history of League of Legends?

ARI is a magician who usually plays on the Foreign Ministry, destroying opponents with explosive shells and quick jerks. Although it has been present in the history of League of Legends for many years, most players learn in it only the spirit of the fox that enjoys the suffering of others. However, in her personality there is a deeper layer than it seems at first glance. Here is an explanation of ARI in the history of League of Legends.

Who is ARI in the history of League of Legends?

The Origin of ARI

ARI woke up, and it was cold. She was alone in the tundra, without parents and at home, which could be called her own. The only reason she remained alive was a flock of ice foxes that sheltered and taught her to hunt. She enjoyed the pursuit of her prey, increasing her mobility and skills with the help of magic. She cracked the soft face of the deer, giving him serenity at the illusory moment so that she and ice foxes could tear his skin.

The People were different. Unlike deer, they had rich memories and hardships of the past, which ARI learned to feel over time. Once she suffered the soul of a dying man, looking at the memories of his late wife and children, who soon had to become orphans. When his soul sailed from this world, ARI gently pushed her sadness to joy, revealing the beautiful vision of the sunlight. With caution, ARI swallowed his spirit, leaving his body, inheriting several human memories.

ARI enters Ionic

ARI has never seen so many people gathered in one place. In the tundra, she watched only in small groups of hunters, but Ionic was overwhelming. Although she lived in human civilization, her predatory instincts did not disappear. ARI still longed for the acute sensations from the absorption of souls, but to charm people is not the same as console the dying deer. People were complex and moved by emotions.

ARI used this knowledge in her interests, seducing people with the illusions of beauty and human memories that she collected from her victims. While she opened people with pacifying visions, calming their doubts, she has spiritually torn their skin. Their souls now belonged to her. With every new victim, with every set of memories, she longed for more. ARI was born a hunter, and Ionic was teeming with prey.

Some of these memories revealed knowledge of Vast aye, the race of people whose facial features resembled representatives of the fauna of Monterrey. Pastie seemed to be a friend, and ARI was determined to find out their whereabouts. She did not know her parents, but perhaps Pastie was connected with her past. Maybe she was one of them.

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