The best camera settings and FIFA 23 controller

With the arrival of FIFA 23, it is never a bad idea to see where you can get advantages. Sometimes that falls into the configuration. This guide is here to tell you what the best controller and camera configurations in FIFA 23 are.

The best controller configuration in FIFA 23

To get to the controller configuration in FIFA 23, you must follow a few steps. Despite the tedious amount of menu jumps, it is quite simple: Main menu> Customize> Configuration> Customize controls.

Before immersing yourself, keep in mind that the ‘Competitive Master Switch’ will automatically activate for all online matches. That means that the following configurations will be corrected as such:

  • Agile contextual dribble: disabled
  • Automatic authorizations: disabled
  • AUTO FLAIR: Disabled
  • Automatic shots: disabled
  • Assisted headers: deactivated
  • Jockey: Manual
  • Defense: Tactical Defense

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As for the configuration you can control, this is what we recommend at the moment:

Direct pass assistance: semi *-The intermediate of doing everything on your own and having total control. Get used to this first if you want to eventually change to manual. FIFA coach: hide -unnecessary for anyone who has even played un little little FIFA in the past. Finish time: activated -Having total control over your own shots requires time and practical, but it is worth it. Next player change: off *-you play enough FIFA and you will know where the ball is going, but, it could go anywhere. Whatever you want in this situation, it will not make much difference. Compatibility with Pass block: Activated -Doesn't you want your players to lose balls to which anyone could arrive? So it is a good idea to keep this on. Automatic change: Balls in the air and loose balls -If you fully trust yourself, go to manual. But for this, you will be in the best position to play centers, corners and the like. Besides, a little help is never bad. This configuration gives you the best possible option when loose or air balls arrive. Automatic change movement assistance: None *-Alto is not good regardless of the stage here; It restricts you too much. Under it will work well if you are still getting used to the mechanics of the game. But if you want complete control from the moment it changes to another player, this is the way to follow. Office assistance: directional -If you find your defenders in trouble, and you just need to get the ball out of a dangerous area, you are in luck! The assistance of clearing returns to FIFA 23 and you can still control where the ball is going, even if you cannot measure the power yourself. Player block: activated -Can you imagine a corridor without ball? Block a player by pressing the left and right joysticks will allow him to move away from the dribbler then moving the right joystick. You can take some practice to perfect it, but making the AI run for you can be deadly.

icon change: deactivated *-icon switching is newer and has to press the right joystick to change the player, but it is not worth it. You may react a little more slowly, and you can change your player manually. Right Joystick Change: Classic -Move the right joystick with this configuration will change the player you are pointing out, which can eliminate any confusion. Reference for the Right Joystick Change: Relative to the player -This will continue to change in relation to the players you want to control, not where the ball is, which will help again with any confusion. Terrestrial pass assistance: assisted *-Change to manual can take you against a wall. However, if you are willing to try, we will not stop it. shooting assistance: assisted -again, if you want total control over your shots, go ahead! But keeping this assisted will help them stay on the goal, which is quite important. Cross assistance: Assisted -We will stay with Assisted again here, but shout to semi too. You want your crosses, especially in the counterattack, go where they should go. Feel free to play with this. Assistance from Lob Pass: Assisted *-Continue with assistance because, at least, it means that these balloons will be in the direction of a teammate. Entreruzado pass: assisted -could come and go between semi, but we are only putting a hard line in assisted for all these mechanics in the game. However, if you want a little more control, SEMI is not a bad option to consider. Analog sprint: deactivated -You don't have to worry about the force with which you press the Sprint button when deactivated. Its player will reach its maximum speed independently, as you would like (presumably). Pass receptor block: Animation start *-Some of these are reduced to personal preferences, but a player who is ready when this particular animation begins is the way to follow from where we are sitting. Search to get more user vibration: the choice is yours! *-I choose Enhanced, but there really is no incorrect choice here. Any level of vibration with which you feel comfortable during the games is all you need to consider.

The best camera settings in FIFA 23

Similar to the controller configuration, you must select some things in order to modify the camera settings. Again, however, it is simple: Main menu> Customize> Configuration> game configuration> camera.

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Now, these are the chamber settings that we recommend, with a little customization just to encourage things:

camera for a player: cooperative * Multiplayer Chamber: Cooperative Blocked to the player's camera: EA Sports Game cam Pro Clubs: EA Sports Game cam * Be a camera guardian: pro Chamber settings: customized Chamber height: 15 * Chamber Zoom: 5 Powerful shot zoom: deactivated

With the cooperative chamber activated, you can see more of the field and from a higher angle. Playing with height depends completely on you, but it is advantageous to see more in the field when you are playing, especially when you face people in Fut. We disable Power Shot Zoom because until now, according to experience, animation seems too long.

However, when it comes to general height and zoom configurations, these are always preferences. Fortunately, there are many options to play. While we recommend trying to see more from the field when you play, these configurations are based on what is most comfortable.

And that is all because of the best controller and camera configuration in FIFA 23 . If you are looking for more content related to FIFA, has everything you can handle. Be sure to consult our other guides, such as how to complete Puzzle Master and Around the World SBC, as well as much more in the links below.

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