LOL: When season 12 ends and what the next pre prem

League of Legends is approaching one of the most exciting dates of each year of the game. MOB riot games season 12 is about to end and has come to its decisive weeks. This is the last call for ranked players to arrive in the Our Link to secure the traditional and free victorious skin, which is from Segueing this time, for reaching this and. This way, check out below when LOL season 12 ends and when preseason 13 and season 13 starts.

Date and time when season 12 of League of Legends ends

The 12th Season of League of Legends will end on November 14, 2022, at 11:59 pm **. However, for the Master, Grand Master and Challenging Tiers the end comes earlier at 11:45 pm.

From that moment on, the situation of players in the ranked matches will be blocked and a short maintenance period may begin in which ranked matches will not be available. The gap will last up to 5:00, as the game will be placed in maintenance to prepare for the release of Patch 12.22 . This is the version that introduces the preseason in the game.

See the schedule below:

Preseason 2023 on BE: * Available now final of Season 12: November 14, 2022, at 11:59 pm (23h45 for Master, Grand Master and Challenging) Start of preseason 13: November 16 * Start of season 13: around January 6

It is also worth remembering that the ranked games played during the preseason 13 will be useful because the better the player is over in this situation, the better the traditional Desert will treat him at the beginning of the season itself. We also emphasize that the date indicated for the beginning of season 13 is an estimate, based on previous years.

All the news of LOL preseason 13

Riot has already introduced preseason 13 in the BE, the LOL test server, so we know what will be the big changes that will arrive in the game. The next year will be characterized by adjustments in various positions (jungle and top) and major improvements in MOB systems.

It will not be a year with many changes, but the content that comes out there is quite interesting at first glance and will give the community more and more reasons to continue enjoying the game, but also to start venturing through LOL.

Improvements in the top and jungle

If you play at the top or jungle (or want to start playing), congratulations: This preseason was made for you. The top will be more powerful, while the jungle will receive significant changes. Some mechanics have been taken from the game, but new will come, and everything can be good in the long run.

Communication changes

The Communication in games will change a lot due to preseason. We will have a new notification system for communication with our colleagues that includes six new types of ping. In addition, interface improvements will be applied so that everything is much more objective and easy to understand. It may not be the long-awaited voice chat, but they are good additions.

New items

The other major change in League of Legends preseason is a series of new and updated items that will reach the game.


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