Langritsa's next film, Arckeland, starts a full -fledged CBT

-CBT proceeding to converge domestic user feedback ahead of the election of Korea region

** -Lang Rita's next work in 4 years.

-If you are a CBT user, you can enjoy it regardless of android os and iOS

The Long Games and Blackjack Studios announced today that they will start CBT of Parkland, which is developed by the company and is scheduled to service.

From today, Parkland will enter CBT for 3,000 CBT lottery. The CBT application for , which was recruited from September 22 to October 7, was confirmed that it was expected to attract attention before the launch through the user response. This CBT is aimed at both Android OS users and iOS users.

Parkland will finally verify game content by reviewing game contents and server stability through this CBT. In addition, as it is the first in the global region, the company has expressed its willingness to actively reflect the opinions of domestic users.

Ark eland, which has been finalized with CBT, is the next SRPG's next film that the crew of Rang long Games, the crew of Languages, is a game that contains the story of the fantasy world of heaven.

The user was awakened by Via, a princess of the sanctuary who suffered the pain of Yon grin's disease covered with a dragon's vinyl, and left an adventure to conflict between the nation and the human mind against the powerful empire. As a 'stranger', you can see the story of regaining lost memories by traveling through the Change continent or meeting various colleagues.

Parkland has greatly upgraded its previous 2D graphics with cartoon rendering 3D graphics. It is also possible to change the point of view, so you can feel visual satisfaction and immerse yourself in the game, and you can experience brilliant action and blow in combat.

In addition, in addition to SRPG's strategic battles such as attribute and occupational characteristics based on the core play of Lang Gratis, Parkland added new combat systems such as ships, pursuit, and cooperation, and utilizes various terrain elements such as trap devices. Dozens of clear ways can be played in various ways.

Parkland, which provides differentiated visuals and play, has collaborated with the world-renowned game composer Shim Mourn Yoko, and Din woo, Kim Hard, and Lee Byung-soo, who dubbed works such as Naruto and Bleach, and well in Korea The known voice actor participated in the full dubbing for immersive sound.

The CBT of Parkland will open some main story chapter 1-8 and some subquests. The user can explore the beautiful scenery of various countries on the Change continent and experience the exciting stories of the characters, but also reveal the secrets of the hidden origin of Via, the sanctuary princess, and no one knows.

An official from Auckland said, We are interested in the pre-booking on the official Parkland's official site, and more details about the game can be found on official café and Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I conveyed it.


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