Nier's anime: Automata will premiere in January and shows a new trailer

TIER: Automata See 1.1a The anime series based on the title of Square Enix released in 2017, will be released in January 2023. The news comes accompanied by the trailer you have on these lines, where we can See some 2b images in an area that seems to correspond to that of the game prologue.

Nier: Both the trailer and a little more information were revealed during the Triplex Online Fest, an event of the homonymous producer of the animation series, when Yoko Taro announced that the history of the anime will be different from that of the game due to the narrative differences between the two media. Near: Automata was a story that we created to be a game, so copying it as it would not be an interesting story for an anime, Taro reflected. I am the one who goes there breaking things by [Triplex], so if someone is dissatisfied [with the history of anime], it is likely to be my fault.

This rumored project was officially revealed in February of this year, when they only showed us a small teaser, and they already came confirming that its protagonists would be 2b and 9s with the premise that the scenario is a distant future in which humanity It has been defeated by an overwhelming force of 'mechanical life forms' deployed by aliens ».

Triplex , for those who do not locate it, is a Japanese music and anime company owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, which has published series such as Full metal Alchemist or Times no Yield. A-1 Pictures will be in charge of their animation, a study that has already dealt with other adaptations such as 86 or the Sword Art Online movie: Progressive.

Although its launch dates back to early 2017, the truth is that during these five years we have not stopped having new news about Near: Automata , as happened with its relaunch in Xbox One after it arrived in PS4 and output PC or its Game of the Year edition. The last one we met a few months ago when they announced their departure in Nintendo Switch for October 6, which will help increase a sales figure that already goes for 6.5 million copies.

Near: Automata See 1.1a will premiere in January 2023.


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