Ibai attacks against Twitch by Ringcraft: If they don't let me cancel an event signed with YouTube

Ring craft h been a dister. The Minecraft event bed on the Lord of the Rings h given much to talk about, not only among the spectators, but also among the influencers themselves. Several first-level streamers have launched cross accusations, but the truth is that There h been forced to continue. After revealing, it live, IAI Llanos hmented that if it had happened to him he would have abandoned Twitch at the time to sign on YouTube.

If I want to cancel an event and do not leave me and I sign with YouTube the next day . I swear for God, if I have an offer from YouTube I sign the next day, he repeated.

There wanted to cancel ring craft

About There h specified that he wanted to cancel Ring craft the first day. And Twitch h not left him. IAI Llanos h acknowledged that he knew it before, but that he hn't wanted to say anything until the Murcia streamer communicated it live. It h been hard for Greg, because if Greg himself wanted to cancel Ring craft, and they have not left him it is a whore. I really don't explain how Twitch h been able to make this rival Twitch. It gives me absolute panic, and I am absolutely afraid, really. What are you doing? You have to throw forward. What a stick, uncle!

????GREFG In one of the multiple controversies that have happened throughout these weeks, IAI h responded to the voices that accused him of Boron . At the same time, There h described Boxer: Worst of all is that he defended Greg with everything, until the end. And nothing, so that I say that I have been the weeping number 1 in the event, it is random, No?

Erich, on the other hand, h been very hard with the event: ** I found an event garbage. Design that I have seen in my damn life, the most horrible injustices, the worst communication of an administrator, who does not pay even workers, and is unfortunate.


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