FIFA 23 Best LaLiga Santander players

With Real Madrid and Barcelona among the largest clubs in the world, it makes a lot of sense for the Spanish League to be one of the most viewed competitions in the world. Whether you are looking for technical sides or players who are at the stardom cusp, know the the best players of the Santander League for FIFA 23 It will be beneficial for the formation of your squad. This is what you need to know.

The 23 best Align Santander players in FIFA 23

Whether they are renowned, elite midfielders, solid defenders such as a world-class rock or goalkeepers, the Santander League has a lot to offer.

Player name age Club Position LB
Jules One 23 FC Barcelona Cb 84
João Félix 22 Atlético de Madrid FC 84
Marcos Lacuna 30 Seville FC pound 85
Yannick Carrasco 29 Atlético de Madrid LM 85
Sergio Banquets 34 FC Barcelona MDL 85
nail fakir 29 Real Betis Balompié Cam 85
Memphis payment 28 FC Barcelona FC 85
Jordi Alba 33 FC Barcelona pound 85
Pedro 19 FC Barcelona Cm 85
Ago Spas 35 RC CELTA de Vigo S t 85
Gerardo Moreno 30 Villarreal CF S t 85
David Alba 30 Real Madrid Cb 86
Dani Pareto 33 Villarreal CF Cm 86
Vinicius jr 22 Real Madrid L. W. 86
Frankie de Jong 25 FC Barcelona Cm 87
Antonio Rudder 29 Real Madrid Cb 87
Marc-André TER Steven 30 FC Barcelona G K. 88
Luka Modrić 37 Real Madrid Cm 88
Toni crews 32 Real Madrid Cm 88
Juan Black 29 Atlético de Madrid G K. 89
Thibaut Courts 30 Real Madrid G K. 90
Robert Lewandowski 34 Barcelona S t 91
Karim Benzema 34 Real Madrid S t 91

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As expected, many of the the best players in the Santander League for FIFA 2 come from Real Madrid and Barcelona, but there is still a lot of talent that is worth seeing in the Spanish League. While planning your career mode, be sure to use our other guides to get more help, including players with the greatest potential, the prodigy children you need to sign and the best dribblers in the world. For everything else, see the related content below.

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