We played the biggest striker in FIFA 22 - these are our fantastic results

That's why we began to experiment a bit in fut. Just recently we tried the slowest striker in FIFA as well as had a great deal of enjoyable with the card. This time around we take a closer consider the most significant striker.

Summer in Ultimate Team is always an unusual time. Occasions such as the futies or the newly started pre-season make sure that all players lastly have truly excellent teams. Then you promptly observe that if all footballers have virtually best worths on the square, they hardly vary from each other.

Mulic actions impressive 2.03 meters. He is just bewildered by Tomás Holy (2.06 m), on similarly with Mulic there are only Andries Noppert (2.03 m) and Aaron Chapman (2.03 m). The 3 are all goalkeepers-Mulic is the most significant field gamer that is readily available in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 is gradually coming to the end as well as most play with crazy groups in Ultimate Team. A great chance to experiment-this time we attempted the biggest striker in the video game.

That is the largest striker in FIFA 22? This is Fejsal Mulic, a Serbian assaulter who is currently under contract with the South Korean Club Songnam FC.


mulic ratings goals-but not the method you believe

That was the plan: With such a tower of gamer, the objective was clear from the get go: placed in the front and also hold your head before the dimensions and goalkeepers without shivering with a power head sphere to get rid of.

So I had actually currently discovered that the huge striker was not a header, however was still not safe. Now the idea was: in Competitors there are already extremely strong cards in central defense, I try weak challengers as well as the AI in Squad Battles.

Nonetheless, this card additionally offered a lot of enjoyable once again. I had to play more artistically than usual to put mulic in good positions because as with the slowest striker.

This is not necessarily efficient and also doesn't really assist to get closer to a win-but it is a good exercise to find out brand-new techniques on the offensive. And at the very least the mulic would certainly be truly good with the foot-I actually didn't anticipate that.

I do it briefly: Once again, as well, no header needs to fall. Not after corner, not after cost-free kick and also nothing out of the video game. With his 2.03 meters, the striker essentially stood apart on the field as well as sometimes overlooked his opponent by more than one head-but that just didn't make him much more dangerous.

Far, after a number of games, I still haven't handled to drive mulic to the header-but that might additionally be up to me.

However, it appears to me that the height in FIFA 22 is generally not the decisive variable in the header game. Too usually my enemy was regularly steamed down by smaller, but possibly much better located or higher-jumping main defenders.

Ooze, fit, flanks-that was enabled to take control of the insignions and Ribers. Their values additionally fit dramatically better than those that are on Mulic's bronze card.

At the very least I believed.

With his 75 rate, the Serbian assaulter is extra dexterous than madrigal from our last experiment, but his 56 dribbling as well as 63 shot do not represent a foot but instead head-oriented objective marker.

This is how Fejsal Mulic plays: Mulic got the location in the top of my team, surrounded by nimble and also ball-safe dribblers that need to feed him with flanks. It rapidly transformed out: the header plan did not work in Opponents division.

I directly took the last 1. The entrance was totally free, the sphere was placed at an excellent height-but as opposed to using the head, the mulic nailed the sphere right into the angle by complete stress. Good objective, but I actually wanted an ugly one.

Instead, my challenger's central defenders kept choosing up my challenger's rounds as if they really did not care that Mulic was an excellent fifty percent head bigger than they were. They jumped in the air, held their heads as well as cleared the situation.

I fired flank around the flank right into the fine location, however the ball really did not actually wish to come down on my mixing. As well as if he did, for once, he flew everywhere-but not towards the objective.

That does not suggest that Mulic was a full failure. On the contrary, remarkably, he must even score 4 objectives in the very first game-just none with my head, even though I simply did every little thing for it.

Have you ever attempted a few crazy gamers in FIFA? Do you have a favorite gamer you can recommend? Inform us in the comments!

Otherwise, FIFA 23 gets better. You can find out everything vital concerning FIFA 23 release below.

** FIFA 22 is gradually coming to the end and also most play with insane teams in Ultimate Team. Mulic measures excellent 2.03 meters. He is just bewildered by Tomás Holy (2.06 m), on the same way with Mulic there are only Andries Noppert (2.03 m) and also Aaron Chapman (2.03 m). That does not imply that Mulic was a full failing. The gateway was complimentary, the ball was positioned at an excellent height-but instead of using the head, the mulic nailed the ball right into the angle by full tension.


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