How many downloads do FORTNITE have? (2022)

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world, and its popularity continues to grow thanks to many bindings to celebrities and IP addresses, as well as adding a regime without assembly. But how to measure this popularity? Well, one of the ways is unique downloads. This will measure the number of people who have loaded and tried the game. So how many downloads do Fortnite?

How many mobile downloads Fortnite?


According to several sources, as of 2022, Fortnite had about 129 million downloads in Apple App Store and Google Play. However, potentially this figure can be much higher. Epic Games reported in 2021 during the trial against Apple that they had about 116 million players who used iOS devices as their main platform. Given that this will mean that android only 13 million players, if the numbers are correct, then, probably, the true number is much higher.

How many downloads Fortnite on PC?

Due to the nature of the load on the PC and the fact that Epic Games does not publish its data, it is not known how many Fortnite downloads were made on PC and other platforms. But the recent Statista indicators suggest that Fortnight can 400 million registered users. Although some of these accounts are probably duplicates or smokes, this will lead to the removal of only part of these accounts. This makes Fortnite one of the most popular and loaded games, along with Minecraft, Pubg: Battlegrounds and Among US.

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