Osnabrück sheds the last examination versus Groningen

At the local Bremen bridge, the fifth of the table of the past 3rd division period came right into play far better than the Dutch opponent, a very first corner from Simakala caused danger early on. Nevertheless, VfL was not able to transform the bulk of the game of the first 45 mins right into a substantial increase in opportunities, to ensure that the initial break mosted likely to the very first break.

Lundquist brings Groningen ahead chicken and the blog posts conserve Osnabrück

Groningen, twelfth of the past period in the Eredivisie, came from this, nevertheless, dramatically boosted. So it was not unexpected that the Dutch took the lead in the 60th min. Larsen organized Lundsen, who only needed to place on the second article. A little later it melted again in the charge area of the Osnabrücker, Oratmangoen failed from a brief distance from Kühn.

However not nearly enough either, simply two mins later Irandurst just hit the message. In this stage of the video game, VfL was lucky to be delaying behind with just one goal. After that Osnabrück then got far better, a shot of the substitute Rorig narrowly missed eviction.

Ngonge counters Wulff

VfL Osnabrück opens the new third department season on Friday, from 7 p.m. the MSV Duisburg will attend at the Bremen Bridge.

In the 108th min, the expenditure of the home side must ultimately be beneficial, Haas presented for Wulff, who passed Groningen's goalkeeper Leeuwenburgh and also was able to push into the empty goal. Motivated by the goal, VfL after that bravely played on the lead goal, however Rorig's shot just finished up in the arms of the Dutch goalkeeper rather than in the mesh.

Rorig played a vital function in the last stage, yet from the 3rd department's point of view on the incorrect side: six mins before the end of the game, the defender brought his challenger with a surge, referee Frank Willenborg had no selection but to the factor to reveal. The due charge had the ability to transform the 2-1 last rating for Groningen.


It was not unexpected that the Dutch took the lead in the 60th minute. Not enough either, simply 2 mins later Irandurst only struck the post. In this stage of the game, VfL was fortunate to be lagging behind with simply one objective.


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