Pubg-Horror Das Callisto

The sci-fi horror game The Callisto Protocol, a new IP from striking distance studios, has been quiet for some time. Yesterday, however, it became known that we expect "several" new announcements in connection with the project in the future. Perhaps we will receive more information about how the Callisto protocol is related to the fact that it is located in the same universe as PUBG, or maybe we will receive more news about this gruesome monster that we have received at first glance.

Glen Schofield, the founder and CEO of striking distance studios, gave a look behind the scenes into the world of The Callisto Protocol and reveals information about the game and the development of striking distance studios. While we still have to see what has revealed horror edition No. 346, we know a few more details about the man we will play.

The protagonist of The Callisto Protocol is called Jacob Lee and has to fight himself through hordes of monstrosities, while navigating through a suspicious prison on Jupiter's second largest moon. The interview will allegedly reveal a variety of things about the Callisto protocol, from the game mechanics to building the tension in this dark prison.

Glen Schofield explains in the same tweet, who advertises his interview with Game Informer, that this was only one of "several" announcements that will still come. This means that we should receive a lot more information about the Callisto protocol in the coming weeks. What kind of information this is, we just don't know-could the publication date of the Callisto protocol finally be announced? Only time can reveal it.

I have the chance to get together with my friends @Gameinformer at the beginning of this month & give them a first look at @Callistothegame. Take a look at your cover story, which will be published on Tuesday. Thanks GI! First announcement of several that will still come!

  • Glen A. Schofield (@Glenschofield) 19. May 2022

The Callisto Protocol - Red Band Cinematic Trailer

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