Little Nightmar developer mocks a new game

The Swedish studio Tarsier Studios, the best known team forpequeñas nightmares_ and its sequel pequeñas nightmares II-is causing a new game. The advance arrives through Twitter and the official study of the study. As expected, all in the answers speculate that the game is Little Nightmares 3, but this is unlikely. Tarsier Studios not only said that he is moving away from the series in the past, but now he is owned to embrace Group, while the IP is owned by Bandai Namco. A third game could be made in the future, but it is unlikely to be Tarsier Studios.

As for the provocation itself, it is brief and minimal in terms of what it reveals or even transmits. He reveals nothing more than a work of art that shows an art style similar to that ofpequeñas nightmares_. Meanwhile, the product of progress, and art itself to some extent, suggests that it is a horror game, which makes sense given thepeak-equity. The tweet itself is accompanied by the following legend: "We have been busy."

For now, this is the scope of provocation and there has been no follow-up, but the expectation now is that this mysterious game is revealed soon.

" Pesadillas ii_peco may not be the traditional type of horror game to which the fans of the genre are accustomed, but it is genuinely disturbing at all times and belongs to the category as much as anything else that occurs to him for the first time," It says the opening of our revision ofpequeñas nightmares II, the most recent game of the study. «It is spooky in a way that disarms with its soft and slow game, and has a certain adhesion power that will leave people remembering disturbing images and with many more questions in the credits they had at the beginning of the game. "

Mysterious New Game from Ex-Little Nightmares Devs - Section 9 Analyzed

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