Karusasu !! The lost work ADV is revived in VR & Japanese language compatible -"Shadow Gate VR: Mithrok mining" Steam page release

Pujoi and Developer Azure Drop Studios have released the Steam store page of the VR adventure game " Shadowgate VR: Mithrok mining ".

This work is a VR remake of an adventure game released for Mac in 1987, where you can enjoy the first story. The original was a point & click -type adventure game, but was rebuilt as an action adventure game. You can solve the puzzle, capture the dungeon, or shake the cane to fight monsters.

In Japan, "Shadow Gate" is the most known of the NES version released by Kemco, "** Hop Step Jump... He's ended up with this! Unfortunately, this work does not seem to follow the translation of the NES version, but it is easy to play because it supports Japanese.

The Steam version "Shadow Gate VR: Miss Roku Mining" will be distributed on June 17 for PC (Steam). It has already been distributed for the Meta Quest platform.


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