Halfway between the FPS and the puzzle

Announced at the end of March through a first trailer centered on its main protagonist, Matcho today decides to present his GamePlay, an amazing marriage between the FPS, the platform and the match-3.

9 Riddles Only People with High IQ Can Solve With Matcho , the Polish developer Fiolasoft Studio does not seem to lack ambition. Its title will indeed try the hybridization of several genres, namely the FPS, the platform and the match-3. Concretely, Max, the hero, has a power allowing him to eliminate insectoid creatures crossing his route by associating them by three units of the same color. In the heat of the action, surrounded by a myriad of these robotic insects, it will therefore be a question of opening the eye to identify opponents of the same color and of successively targeting them, the only way to get rid of them.

Besides that, the young man enjoys solid athletic talents allowing him to jump, run on the walls, rush forward, in short a variety of movements ideal to explore this universe of which Max was cut for eight years, period During which our hero was locked in the triagon laboratory in order to cure the disease from which he felt distressed and which he is now able to control. The long video of Gameplay broadcast today by Fiolasoft Studio gives us a detailed overview of all the possibilities available to Max.

Match is expected during the year on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.


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