Competition: Get 10 Steam

The 2D Action Roguelike Have A Nice Death waves the first major update in which the rest of the world 5 and thus of course also new bosses and a new endgame system are activated. To celebrate the update, Publisher Gearbox and developer Magic Design Studios donate 10 Steam keys that you can win with us.

Give it calm: Sometimes you sometimes think about how it would be when the body -like scytheman appear. We also like to forget mortals that it could also be hard work and very big dangers . You can find out for yourself in Have a Nice Death (without running any danger, risking life and life).

As the founder and managing director of Death Incorporated , as death, you lead a extensive company empire that processes the numerous souls that are on the way to the hereafter. There is always something to do! Actually, so much that death is about to burnout . The main reason for this is its managers, the pests. They shear a dirt about decent work processes and only leave chaos. Then the boss has to go personally...

It should be obvious that this will be more of an action -packed matter than the droging process. But see for yourself:

Well, do you want to take the scythe in your own hands? Ten of you can make it possible to give you the opportunity to pick up one of ten Steam keys!

Do you want them? Yes, you want it!

I want to win! What should I do?

Super SIMPEL: travels to the underworld, defeats all the goalkeepers and, to prove, make a selfie next to a slain demon. But he should have at least twelve horns, more.

No? Too little time? Already something else? Well, then the following question answers: The realm of the dead has its own name at all times in almost every culture. In Greek mythology, three terms are used for this! Three, mind you, but you will find four terms here. Which of them does not stand for the realm of the dead in Greek mythology?

a) Hades

b) Lititina

c) Orcus

d) Erebos

Send us your answer by email to the address [email protected] update and please pay attention to the following rules:

  • Writes the password "Alles Sense" in the subject line.
  • Don't forget to specify your answer in the email!

Why We Absolutely Love - Age of Steam - 4p Gameplay

Your data will be used exclusively to process shipping, after which you will be deleted. Please pay attention to the completeness of your answer. Unfortunately, incomplete submissions are eliminated, even if they are pulled. The deadline is Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. .

The winners will be drawn under all correct entries and notified by email.

_ The death is of course not to be taken lightly. Except, it is the partly absurd virtual death in video games. We have prepared a small collection for you here: _

By participating in the competition, you agree and confirm that you have read and accept the conditions of participation and the data protection conditions. All personal participant data will be deleted from our active systems at least 30 days after the competition has expired. As mentioned above, your address data are used exclusively to send the profits and not use them for other purposes. We look forward to your answers and hope you enjoy participation!


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