Bremen: Werner's demand for the big goal

Bremen's Ole Werner was already clear before the duel in the Ore Mountains against Aue "that it will be a test of patience," as the coach revealed at "Sky". After all, the already descending violets after the significant 0: 6 clap against Darmstadt had to make up for something - and the Bremeners also had pressure. Because of the mistake of Darmstadt on Friday (1: 2 against Düsseldorf), Werder had the chance to move to second place.

From the coach's point of view, Werner's team let the coach too "miss clarity" and also made one or the other "technical mistake". Together with committedly defending Auern, these things made Bremen "life difficult" - and so it took 49 before Marco Friedl took the lead after a standard.

Turner Friedl

The 1-0 set the course and from then on his team "implemented many things better". With two more goals in the stoppage time by Niclas Füllkrug and Niklas Schmidt, Bremen jumped to second place in the table and now has the chance to make the direct Bundesliga return perfect on the last matchday (Sunday, 3:30 p.m.). With three points ahead of the relegation place and the arch -rival from Hamburg, Werder is only missing one counter.

worries about Toprak

Timo Werner MASTERCLASS miss Compilation ???? 2020/21

It is questionable whether there can be a possible promotion party Ömer Toprak. The captain had given his comeback after calf problems against Aue, but had to stop again. After a duel with Prince Osei Owusu, "it was the calf again," said the captain in minute 35.

Toprak felt safe and "it was clear that there was a certain risk", but it was "not too much time to wait. In this respect, it was ok," Werner defended the line -up. The coach did not want to make a statement whether the defense chief can be there at the end of the season: "We will see what exactly comes out and then we will be able to say it more precisely at the beginning of the week."

So that the second relegation also creates the immediate return with Bremen in addition to the Schalkers that have already risen, Werner demands the full focus for the last training week: "Look only on us, nothing left, nothing right." Because: "Now it is about setting up against Regensburg because we still need something." Namely a point.


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