Apex Legends: transformation of storm zone into video

The road to May 10, the day of the launch of its next major update, continues for Apex Legends. After presenting us with the profile of Newcastle, the new legend of this season, EA and Respawn say and show a little more about the nature of this update entitled Rescue.

In addition to entering Newcastle, heroic defender whose trailer in the form of an advertising spot says the greatest good, sets the first transformation of the storm zone card. An immense Leviathan has indeed failed on the banks of the map, revealing new armory of the BMI and a new point of interest which is none other than the giant carcass of the prehistoric marine creature. A detailed presentation of the changes made to the battlefield is available here. By May 10, EA and Respawn will say more about Newcastle's capacities, on the new combat pass and on "_un new classification system that values skills and teamwork", we are told.


Apex Legends - Gameplay trailer for the "Rescue" update

And on mobile?

Apex Legends: Saviors Gameplay Trailer

Already released on a selection of territories according to the tradition of soft Launch, Apex Legends Mobile will be deployed worldwide on iOS and Android in the month of May, also confirmed Respawn Entertainment. Recall that Apex Legends Mobile is a separate title of the game already available on consoles and PC, no cross-play is therefore expected. This mobile version, which will therefore have its own combat passes, was produced by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, Tencent Games studio already known for PUBG Mobile. The game will be launched with a selection of 10 legends that will compete on classic maps of the world and canyon of kings.


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