WoW: Game Director Morgan Day in interview about RWF, animal

The World First Race in the mausoleum of the first is rum, patch 9.2.5 and the 4th season of Wow Shadowlands is still in far away. Actually, the perfect time for WOW developers to work in peace at the upcoming content. Nevertheless, the WOW Game Director Morgan Day has asked for an interview with Warcraft Radio and spoke there with Athalus about the current topics.

Of course, the past World First Race played a major role and the bug that has significantly simplified the fight for many guilds. But also the length of the race came to the language. Following the two also talk about the current animal sets, why their trade is as complicated and why the creation catalyst is so important. In the end, the talks turn to the production of Legendary's and the upcoming 4th season.

Interview with WOW (Buy Now) Game Director Morgan Day

Given the current time you can not expect too much of such an interview. Morgan Day may not speak about the future. If you hope for some answers to questions of the past instead, you will find something at one or the other place.

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A summary of the most important points of the interview:

The length of the World First Race

  • The developers are satisfied with the raid, but have heard the feedback of the guilds regarding the length of the race and will take this into account in the future.
  • For the first time, the raid was divided into two halves, where two animal items could only be captured in the back. Blizzard was surprised that the guilds of the Race to World First began splits. The developers believe that, above all, the fact that many of the Split had to take place in the first mythical week has taken care of that the race took so long.
  • Due to the animal sets, the guilds also spent a lot of time in normal mode.
  • Blizzard has a technology where you can rule up or down the level of difficulty of all bosses at the same time. This can lead to a perfectly grounded RAID - or just to one in which all bosses are too heavy or too light.


  • The mistake in the healing of the Chairman was a very special circumstance, which the developers could only detect.
  • You do not want to give the players to an unfair advantage, so the problem is probably resolved to one of the upcoming ID reset. Possibly with additional adjustments to keep the degree of difficulty equal.
  • That healing reducing effects such as deadly impact can reduce this healing was so intended from the beginning.

The trade of animal set items

  • With the restrictions, the developers actually wanted to prevent certain players forced to be very repetitive gameplay. These players simply looked at this wall and found a way around.
  • This is a change that the developers have to talk more in the future and about the impact they have on the broad player base. Did a player in a normal raid case have a worse time because Blizzard has tried to prevent an impudent gameplay for the Race to World First Guilds? If so, then the urgent should be changed.

Animal sets yourself

  • It makes a big difference, whether one has the wrong stats on an item - or only three instead of four parts of his animal set. One thing hardly plays a role, the other feels extremely bad. Therefore, the developers see that the latter can only occur conditionally.
  • Therefore, there is the creation catalyst. After the motto: If you have no luck until now, there is a clear and easy way to get to your items.
  • The developers pursue the discussions around the timing from the Creation Catalyst and keeps an eye on whether such systems may need to be available earlier.

Shadowlands Interview with Morgan Day - Lead Game Designer for World of Warcraft

Big treasure chamber

  • The goal of the big treasury is that you should always be positive on Wednesday.
  • Even if you do not get the object you have hoped for, you should still get something cool. That was the reason for adapting consolation prices through the currency trader.
  • By and large, the developers are satisfied with the extended offer, but want to ensure that the excitement also pays off and does not convert themselves regularly into frustration.

Legendary crafting

  • Players wanted to try legendary effects should have a low entry hurdle. This was achieved by giving it relatively favorable base objects of rank 1, but if you wanted to increase the level of the item, you had to pay more.
  • By extension, the developers may have missed it to increase this limit. Currently it feels like that as if you have to enhance the legendary in any case, so that it can keep up with the normal items of the patch at all.


Season 4 [/ H4]

  • Seasons usually have a time frame of six to eight months, but ultimately the release of season 4 will depend on the time of the next update.
  • The developers are looking forward to experimenting with some older content, which are still halfway up to date and which are not too far in the past.
  • How hard the RAIDS should be in Season 4 is still decided. But there will definitely give more than a degree of difficulty.
  • The animal sets should also play a big role in Season 4 - but nothing else decided or ready to say.

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