Lost Ark: The new classes come up to date with us

The Western operators of Lost Ark have a bit more soft to make the players of the MMOarPG promises regarding the contents coming 2022 by means of a roadmap. What the fans have got shortly before short, is a view of the new content of April and May 2022 . It has been clear that you can look forward to the two extended classes of lance carrier (April 2022) and destroyers (May 2022) - but the fans of Lost Ark are surprised, in which version the two classes come to the servers.

The current version of course. If the plan does not change

This well-legitimate question has responded in the Lost-Ark Forum Community Manager Roxx: "The plan is to use the latest and best in this version of the game, so that players do not have to use a lot of time on a character to change, However, I can not discuss or confirm revision plans or schedules before Korea shares the information. " Cognition from this: The plan provides that your lance carrier and destroyers will receive in their current version, as they also mix up the game in Korea - but the last word has the developers of SmileGate; AGS is just operators of the Western servers.

New Classes! Content Roadmap REVEALED | Lost Ark

And entitled to the "Game Version" of the two classes, because compared to the Russian and Korean variant of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) but there are some differences in the game versions . For example, as a player on the EU servers, you can not be 100 percent sure that content can be played as well as you may know from the other regions.

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