Lost Ark: Einhorn-Mount und 1.000 Amethystsplitter via Twitch Drop

On March 24, 2022, the first season of the competitive audit arena of Lost Ark is started . To celebrate this milestone, the G4TV network organizes an invitation tournament, in which a total of eight 3-player teams argue around a prize money of $ 20,000. And when is it going? On April 13, 2022, at 00:00 CET.

Details for invitation tournament of G4TV

Lost Ark Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop

The participating PVP teams will compete against each other in a double line. In each round, a team must win two victories in a Best-of-Three game to help. The final participants need three victories in a best-of-five round to be crowned as a winner.

Meanwhile, all team captains were presented on the Twitter channel of G4TV:

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Twitch drop for everyone!

Lost ARK: Between these four unicorn mounts you have to choose. Source: SmileGate In the course of the events you can secure new Twitch Drops for Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €). Specifically, a unicorn-riding selection box and 1,000 amethysts splitter. Incidentally, you can exchange the amethystsplitter in mysterious men in one of the capitals in Items - here some of the offers:

  • 14 days crystalline aura for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Relationship follow-up chest (3 epic relationship chairs) for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • 3 x fighting objects for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Pheon chest for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Ship Skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Emote star dance for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Sail-skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion selection chest for 13,200 amethysts splitter
  • Legendary emoticon package for 13,200 amethysts splitter
  • Riding Golden Warwolf for 22,000 amethysts splitter

So you get the Twitch Drop

NOTES: The drop will be exclusively for members of the tournament and certain co-streamer on 12 April before available for the "Lost Ark" - Creator program on April 13 - to Monday, May 9th - stands. To get the drop, you have to watch a stream with activated drops for two hours. Details how you can get it can be found on the official Twitch Drops page.

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