How to find a fatal shadow in Elden Ring

The completion of the quest chain Early will require players to win a fatal shadow in Elden Ring. The victory over it will give them the great sword of the dark moon and the key object in the plot arch of Early, the miniature early. Although a fatal shadow can be found, it can be a little elusive, since players will need to complete certain tasks so that it will appear.

where to find a fatal shadow in Elden Ring

ELDEN RING | Get “Overpowered” At The Very Start Players can find ominous shadow in Nokstella, eternal city y. However, since this is a hidden zone, the players will have to fulfill some preliminary conditions to find it. Although players can break into a hidden zone, this will block them only in one ending for all the passage. For this reason, there is the right way to get to this hidden area.

To find Nokstell, the Eternal City, the players will need take the path through the knockron, the eternal city . Knocron will be available only to those players who killed the star farm of Radan. After victory over him, Crater will open south of the ruins of the foggy forest . This will lead the players to Khrophon.

When heading through the knockron, the players will need collect the blade of the fingertip for the early early. . When the players give her this item, she will provide them with access to Renna’s Rise in the Three Sisters. In this area there is a traveling gate that lead to Home Ensel . From here, players only need to go a little southwest. Through the ruins of the Palace Ul .

The head down through the tunnels of the ant and hold the west . This will bring players to Nokstell, an eternal city. Spray into the main zone and Follow the river. Head into the building on the banks of the River with a statue in sight. Pull the lever on the right to raise the elevator. Go down on the elevator and head to the cave across the river. This cave will open in a lit forest, where a fatal shadow lives.

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