Horizon Forbidden West has hidden areas that look suspicious of DLC

Exploration is simply part of it in Horizon Forbidden West, but actually we should do this within the borders of the map. For many curious fans, this is not an obstacle. A few tricks can also be explored areas of the world that should not actually be accessible - and some of them are surprisingly detailed that we should not get them from close.

Horizon Forbidden West could hide DLC locations in the game

Already in Horizon Zero Dawn there was references to the expansion before the release of the DLC Frozen Wilds. Anyone who ran along the path that would later lead to the DLC area received a hint from the game that one was to leave the game area and reverse, otherwise the last memory would be loaded.

Hidden ruin: Pretty exactly the same note can also be found in a certain area in the successor, as Youtuber Jorraptor notes. Northwest of Hohlfels there is a path that you can normally not reach because it lies beyond a rock wall that is not protectable. With the help of your flying dairy, however, you can reach a high seat further up and explore the path from there. There is even a crooked tree on the way that looks suspicious of it as if Aloy could overturn him to advance.

If we now fly even higher, we can discover the ruin of a fortress in the distance. It is striking here that the area looks rather detailed for the fact that we never actually get it from close. There are even ropes for Aloy.

references to Burning Shores as a new area

Horizon Forbidden West DLC Location Found?! HUGE SECRETS (Horizon Forbidden West Secrets) Also, as in the predecessor, there are also indications of areas in Foridden West that are not yet available in the game itself. A data point, which apparently was written by Frozen Wilds-NPC Gildun, refers to a place called Burning Shores (in German, for example, burning bank).

And a second known NPC could also refer to it: If we go to a campfire southwest of Reinklang, we will find another data point here. This is talking about a Banuk shaman who drinks machine oil - probably an indication of the Shamans Brin, which we can meet in Zero Dawn - and is on the way to the "place of flame and salty water". Here, too, the mysterious burning shortes could be meant.

We do not yet know what this location is all about, but Jorraptor speculates that it could be Los Angeles that Horizon Forbidden west is south of the map. Here you can watch the complete video yourself:

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other secret areas

Incidentally, these are not the only areas in the game that are usually not accessible. In this way, an island is also listed in the video that is actually outside the map. You can still explore them with a few tricks. Elsewhere, Aloy can also get under the map of the game world through a hidden passage. We do not know whether one of these areas is possible DLC areas or they were deleted during the development, but a DLC for Horizon Forbidden West is at least not unlikely.

Did you already know these areas? What do you think is the most likely DLC location?


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