Star Wars Eclipse postponed? No, say the developers

As part of the last Game Awards, the developer team of Quantic Dream with Star Wars Eclipse has introduced a new project, which is to be playfully based on previous titles of the studio - including Heavy Rain or Detroit Become Human. There is not a release yet, but internally, the appointment should have been postponed . An assertion that Quantic Dream is now vulnerable.

Statement by Quantic Dream for the alleged release delay

_ "Star Wars Eclipse was not postponed because Quantic Dream never announced a release or promised a period for the title. We continue to start employees while working at Star Wars Eclipse, Third Party Publishing and Unrestrained Projects." _ \ - Does it mean in the message of a speaker. In fact, the studio never called an appointment - but the rumors referred to the internal plans of Quantic Dream.

When should Star Wars Eclipse appear?

With several construction sites, the team should struggle for development. For this reason, the title should probably come to trade at the earliest 2026 or 2027 . Among other things, the studio not only has difficulties to find new developers - also the Engine of Quantic Dream should not be able to cope with the ambitions. The makers want to try Star Wars Eclipse for the first time at a Open World project **.

What is Star Wars Eclipse turns?


The history of the title will be located in the new high-republic era by Lucasfilm, which plays around 200 years before the events of the film trilogies. Decisions of the players will come back directly to the outcome of the story. The team promises that no run becomes the other.

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