Sony responds to the accusations of discrimination in the work environment in PlayStation

Sony has responded to the accusations of discrimination in the work environment of Sony Interactive Entertainment that have emerged in recent weeks as a result of a complaint filed by a worker last year. In recent days, eight more workers from the company have added their testimonies.

"Sony Interactive Entertainment takes these statements very seriously," the company explained in some legal documents visible by Axios.

Sony Responds Perfectly! Sony Set To Triple Down On Quality & Strategic Acquisitions As Stock Drops "Even though the majority of testimonies are employees who no longer work in Sie, SIE has solved or solve the problems related to them in the future, since it values ​​its female employees and has a proactive attitude to ensure they have all The opportunities to excel and be heard. "

The denunciation originally presented Emma Majo, an ex-Sony security analyst, in November 2021.

Sony dismissed the demand originally, according to Axios, noting that it was "an unpacked accusation of common and personal activities."

Now, the initial complaint of Majo includes testimonies of eight more PlayStation employees, which indicate cases of bullying, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and company's passivity before these circumstances.

According to Polygon, statements include accusations that male employees rated employees for their appearances, sharing "jokes and dirty women's images" and went to Striptease Clubs during the time of food.

One of the women also criticized the impossibility of breastfeeding the baby from her due to the lack of privacy related to it.


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