Quick view, .... El Gancho on Switch!

Developers: Sidralgames, EastasiaSoft Platforms: Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 Genres: platform game, action game

Publishers: Sidralgames, EastasiaSoft

In El Gancho you play a coconut, which looks more like a trex than an extra terrestrial. Your mission if you accept it and free your people from the kids of infamous Pogovons.

El Gancho Review Nintendo Switch

For this you will be armed with your pocket missile lance and a mysterious grapple. To finish each level you will have to release other cocos and eat a max of food: cakes, drinks,....

As you progress, other coconuts will help you, to go higher, further,...

On the principle the game makes me think of the first bionic commando, without the quality of the realization. I explain myself, as you know, if you have read some of my tests I'm a fan of Pixel Art style games, Ben for the first time I'm disappointed.

Side Graphics, I do not like I find that the view is too far from the action, the character too small, even on C64 the characters are bigger and better designed.

A game that could have been good, if efforts had been done on graphics and controls.

Here I give only my personal opinion, I still advise you to try to forge your own opinion, in addition it costs only $ 8.99 on average. Especially do not hesitate to come and give your own opinion.


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