Gran Turismo 7 PS5, PS4 offline and unplayable for more than 24 hours

My Brutally HONEST Review of Gran Turismo 7! (PS5/PS4)

Update # 2: 24 huge hours have elapsed and the Gran Turismo 7 servers remain offline on PlayStation 5 and PS4, making the simulation runner widely unplayable. There was no update of the Polyphony Digital developer on what happened or when it is resolved.

Rival racing games have at least the situation with the situation:

Update # 1: This has more than 12 hours since the last communication of Polyphony Digital, and the game remains unplayable without an update of the developer.

Original story: And that's why, my friends, experiences only online are not good! We put this article paused for most of the day, we waiting for Polyphony Digital gave Gran Turismo 7 online quickly - but it's been almost ten hours now and the runner for which fans have recently paid 69, £ 99 / $ 69.99 is still virtually unplayable because of a prolonged maintenance window that does not seem to be touching.

The title was put offline earlier in the planned maintenance day, whose Japanese developer had informed the players in advance. It should not take an hour and should coincide with the last Gran Turismo 7 crest. Shortly after, he published an update: "Due to a problem detected in the update 1.07, we will extend the server's maintenance period. »

A spokesman added, "We will notify everyone as soon as possible when it comes to probably finished. We apologize for this inconvenience and you ask your patience while we strive to solve the problem. This was published about ten hours ago at the time of publication of this article, and there is still no indication of the date on which the game will be playable.

It was not a good day for Gran Turismo 7, everything does, because the patch has adjusted some of the rewards for the races, causing a strong reaction concerning the microtransactions present in the game. It's really a shame because the driver. Simulation has reached a peak since its launch, with fans delighted with the product. Now, a prolonged failure and some unnecessary adjustments threaten to undermine all good will.


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