FIFA 22: Update 7, full patch notes, with a small retouching on gameplay

EA Sports It takes several updates lately with FIFA 22 and, although it is true that they are minor or not very influential changes, it seems that they are beginning to take up or raise concepts for the next FIFA 23. Although the Party still remains to be resolved More important from the season in the competitive panorama. And, in fact, the new adjustments directly affect the gameplay of the parties.

As usual, EA Sports has released an update patch that is now available on both PC and Google Stadia , and that in the next hours it will be in consoles. Next, we leave you the official notes with the changes, among which one stands out with a roll movement.

FIFA 22 Update 7


The following changes were made:

  • A new animation of Skill Move that occurs when a diagonal heel is performed behind the angle of the ball possessor

FIFA 22 | Title Update #7 | All new faces soon to be added!

General, Audio and Visual

The following changes were made:

  • Some players' faces were updated.

The following problem was solved:

  • The EA TRAX audio could be played on the EATV videos when you see them in full screen.

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