Elden Ring: Players experiences the most embarrassing death community laughs with

Elden Ring is currently on everyone's lips and always diving funny clips that show special moments from the game. For example, a reddit user shared its most embarrassing death with the community and laughs with him.

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Elden Ring is one of the hardest games of our time, equate equal to the Dark Souls series. Numerous bosses make life difficult for players, but also normal animals that walk around in the game world can also cling to them **.

An example of this published reddit user Murney24. In his clip, he just defeated a huge - his life energy indicator is almost empty . Before he takes care of new healing bottles, he first looks at the item that the giant dropped for him and that was exactly his mistake.

As he is in the menu, a sheepbock rams the last life out of the body. An unusual death, but both he as well as the community take this with humor **.

"My most embarrassed death in a fromSoft game," he wrote.

Reddit user Rogojinen was even a little poetic and thus ensures some Schmunzler:

"Let it be tired and crush the winner in his hour of glory, while in the splendor of the war booty, blind for the threatening danger, Bleveh!"

Zuege, Eldenherr, 2022. "

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Elden Ring: Western opponent is sweet and fluffy

With a metacritic rating of 95 to 97, depending on the platform, the new open-world action roleplay has been able to inspire a number of critics. Fans stuck hourly at hour in this adventure and make up really hard bosses, because the game has the reputation, similar to the dark soul series . (Source: Metacritic)

In this action RPG you have to find your ideal game style by experimenting with a variety of weapons, magical skills and skills , which are available to you in this world. Here it says sometimes to decide which goals you want to do.

Reddit user Nathanial13 decided among other things for a sheep. This, however, turned out to be the true end opponent ** for him.

"I will never recover from this embarrassment," he wrote to the short video he has published.

It is to be seen, how he runs purposefully on a sheep and already waived with his sword, but the animal skilfully dodged him and funnily roll up to leave the attacker far behind - a herber setback.

Elden Ring: The community is funny tags

From the comments can be read out that much of the community feels with him. One or the other funny lace he has to pick him up :

"He has seen how weak you were. Since he did not even bother to fight against you. You were too slow to take it with his superior speed, you had no chance against him, "Reddit users wrote BWORDGOOD.

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