Elden Ring: Hacker discovers why a dog is the strongest opponent

In Elden Ring there are opponents with dangerous-sounding names like Radahn, Conqueror of Stars and Godrik, the transplanted. They all have to subordinate themselves to a simple dog. One of the biggest Souls experts tell you why.

Elden Ring: Even bosses are not as dangerous like a dog

If you just explore the dangerous world of Elden Ring, you will be stumbled over the nasty doggers **. They do not stop much, but can share it. However, a variant of them is so strong that they themselves can turn off tanks in heavy armor with an attack.

The Dark Soul and Elden Ring Hacker Zulie The Witch explains to YouTube, Why the bleeding dogs are so strong . In fact, a bug has made it into the finished game. Usually, any attack can only cause damage once. However, the jump attack of the dogs does not have this restriction. He thus inflicts damage in every single second, in which the poor stained in the hit z1. In combination with the bleeding effect, the dog shares with more than 10,000 damage in one second **.

In the video, ZUllie The Witch is more clearly on how opponent animations work in Elden Ring . For this you need good English language skills.

Elden Ring: Bleeding Dogs provide a lot of frustration

Elden Ring Hacker Can RUIN Your Save... | ELDEN RING WTF & Funny Moments #6 According to Zulie the Witch, however, the bug can be fixed slightly. In the video he shows or she, as the attack should look like . The dog is still dangerous, but can not promote you into the grave in a second.


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